Geocatching, the high-tech treasure hunt of the new millennium.

Geocaching is a sport, a game, an exciting activity that reconciles the classic logic of treasure hunting with the modern technology offered by portable GPS units, using its potential in a unique way.

The idea behind the game is really simple: Some people, single or in groups (called “hiders”) hide containers (cache) somewhere in the world, acquiring with a GPS the geographical coordinates that are announced on the official website of this sport.


The various seekers can use their GPS to find these treasures, knowing the exact point where they are hidden. They look for containers (caches), hidden around the world by other geocachers and discover the beauties and curiosities of our planet. This way the web pages dedicated to the various caches are also enriched by comments, photos, reports, and so on.


Tourism and geocaching combine perfectly! Has bee created a real parallel tourism guided by geocaching: before leaving for a journey, it is easy to draw up a list of caches that can be found near your destination, to visit once arrived on the spot.