Amazing race.


The world’s most innovative reality TV is now a live game! The Amazing Race is the newest of our games, an exceptional event in a race against time.

The Amazing Race is a “race” in stages. The group is divided into teams that compete to pass the challenges first. Only after having passed the assigned tasks and reached the pit stop, competitors (racers) can know what their next goal is. The team that gained more points wins. The prize is offered by our sponsors.

amazing-race-1Groups of ten or one hundred or more will find the funniest way to “team up” in the Amazing Race. Anyone can participate , no special skills are required, nor a “Rambo” physique, it’s really for everyone. This unique event is available 12 months a year with seasonal programs specially designed for each situation.

Another news: we have ready two-three-day mini-incentive packages in the major European capitals and in the most fascinating countries. The last Amazing Race held abroad: Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Morocco, Jordan.

Do you like it? So ready…GO!!!!!!!!!