The energy of the group ignites creativity.

Create a new image of the city starting from wastes. In a world where everything becomes obsolete and is therefore thrown away and replaced, this path aims to show how each object can become something still useful.

Starting from a series of things recovered, the group begins to paint and assemble them in order to compose the image of a city. The result is a large installation created with the contribution of everyone.

An ideal city created by teams: homes, parks, streets, offices, lights. Trains and subways driven by alternative energy.

City Light. Creativity shines bright!



Ecology & Social.

How to help you to build a motivated and efficient group, avoiding a recreational activity end in itself?

You have the chance to live a typical day in a farm, to plant tress for a zero impact world, to build a small alternative energy structure. You can also create bikes and toys to donate to the ONLUS.

There’s no need to walk on the moon or jump from a skyscraper to build a team, sometimes the group can grow up thanks to this small and useful experiences.