Sunny Way Drumming provides an ideal learning environment where individual success enhances the performance of the whole group.


This activity quickly demonstrates the importance of  individual contribution to the overall result. The importance of a good coordination and common efforts in a common direction, through the use of a positive energy and right method, to achieve astonishing results.

Using percussion instruments and under the guidance of a team of musicians every participant will be able  to create a real orchestra, which will implement a positive energy charge, involving everybody, even if they have never played before.



Expressive Team Building

What does it mean "take a challenge"? How to break free from our confort zone and play a leading role in our life and at work? How to find his own "leadership"? Tis is how the actor trains himself: build his own potentiality, work on thelistening, on the awareness of the self, the others and the environment. Did you ever act on a stage? It's a strong experience, intense that can't be compared to a simple public speaking . On stage improvisation, the "street improvisation" or the flashmob? More involving than a problem solving or lateral thinking speech. An experience lived withthe will to know oneself and the others, gives something that you will bring in the office and wherever you are.