Escape Room

Escape Room

Escape from a room, when the time is running, using problem solving, power of observation, and team work it’s one of the most involving and adrenaline-filled activity. But the goal can be achieved only if the team works properly together, highlighting each member’s qualities and aptitudes.

Sunny Way offers four kits and four different rooms. The kit can be adapted to hotel rooms, offices, meeting rooms and every other space. Team will challenge themselves to escape from the rooms Saw, Templar, the Prisoner and Mission Impossible

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Saw: a disturbing figure challenges the participants from an iPad screen


Templars: with Criptex, parchments and strange wooden objects, looking for the Holy Grail 

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The Prisoner: impossible to escape if the prisoner isn’t free


Mission Impossible: will you pass the intricate way? 



You can customise the rooms and create new ones, ad hoc for your product, your spirit and your values.
Will you be able to escape?

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13 February 2018