Sunny Way- Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Sunny Way team buildings allow the companies our clients to help the ONLUS we work with, by donating forniture,toys, bicycles, everything built by our participants.

sunnyway-extreme-edition-5 sunnyway-extreme-makeover-1

But now we can do something more!! we can renew the headquarters of the ONLUS, we can repaint, renovate, decorate and give new life to the children’s bedrooms and to the common spaces, but above all we can give back hope and enthusiasm to those in difficulty.

sunnyway-extreme-edition-3 sunnyway-extreme-makeover-2

So now get ready with brush, putty and creativity, Sunny Way- Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming!


Ecology & Social.

How to help you to build a motivated and efficient group, avoiding a recreational activity end in itself?

You have the chance to live a typical day in a farm, to plant tress for a zero impact world, to build a small alternative energy structure. You can also create bikes and toys to donate to the ONLUS.

There’s no need to walk on the moon or jump from a skyscraper to build a team, sometimes the group can grow up thanks to this small and useful experiences.