On Air!

Create a real radio show in a real radio station, is it possible?
You decide the content of the program: it could be a mini-drama, a series of comic sketches, something specific for your company or even a rock opera! You can access musical instruments or you can bring your own.

After an introduction, the teams have a brainstorming session to decide what they want to do. Everyone finds his specialization: acting, script writing, direction/production, etc. Expert screenwriters, actors and radio producers are on hand to help. At the end of the day each participant takes the production CD as a gadget.

On Air

Team building and radio?

The radio is an instrument of aggregation, much less artificial than other means of communication. Spontaneity is a key element of its success and does not need superstructures. Talking about topics of direct interest also increases the participant’s emotional involvement.

The aim is to improve while improving a lot of skills:

  • Interpersonal communication and public speaking;
  • The bility to compare and cooperate;
  • Leadership and relationship;
  • Decision making and problem solving.


Expressive Team Building

What does it mean "take a challenge"? How to break free from our confort zone and play a leading role in our life and at work? How to find his own "leadership"? Tis is how the actor trains himself: build his own potentiality, work on thelistening, on the awareness of the self, the others and the environment. Did you ever act on a stage? It's a strong experience, intense that can't be compared to a simple public speaking . On stage improvisation, the "street improvisation" or the flashmob? More involving than a problem solving or lateral thinking speech. An experience lived withthe will to know oneself and the others, gives something that you will bring in the office and wherever you are.