iPad AR Pirates

iPad AR Pirates

Participants to this team building are pirates of different gangs. The aim of the game is to make the more points they can in order to obtain the treasure map and be the first to conquer it.  Treasure is linked to a product or service of the brand. 

Activity is divided into two parts:

  • First phase: teams have an iPad. On the iPad our app shows the map of the city with the geolocalized stops and the challenges. Challenges can be unblocked only when you reach the exact point showed on the map. Team choose the path in total autonomy: more places they visit, more challenges they take, more points they gain. When the time is over only the last stop stays: the place where the treasure map is hidden. 
  • Second phase: all the teams reach the final point. Game Master gives to the participants the treasure map and a compass. The orienteering starts: who will find first the treasure chest hidden under the sand? 

The first team to find the treasure wins.