A new Home.

A simple idea, a great gift!

For years now, thanks to social team building, our customers have been giving furniture, toys, bicycles, T-shirts and personalized clothing to the children of the ONLUS we work with. This team building gives the opportunity to realise a mini village of small houses made of 100% recycled cardboard to be assembled and decorated as you like. You can gift the NGOs and the children by giving them a new space where they can play and let their imagination free.


Fido and Felix are looking for a home as well! An exceptional gift for the many dogs and cats who are guests of abandoned animal welfare facilities. Beautiful cardboard kennels to give it home up to the moment of adoption.

cerco-casa-3   cerco-casa-9


The work will be organized through the following basic steps:

  • The relational “heating” phase
  • Share ideas and organizational skills in order to draw a project
  • To assemble the parts as an approach to problem solving
  • Coloring the house, individual roles and responsibilities, interdependence, time management, flexibility
  • Exposure to the public and the jury, which in the metaphor of the team building plays the role of the customer, to highlight the result of the teams
  • Analysis of experience and sharing of values ​​


Ecology & Social.

How to help you to build a motivated and efficient group, avoiding a recreational activity end in itself?

You have the chance to live a typical day in a farm, to plant tress for a zero impact world, to build a small alternative energy structure. You can also create bikes and toys to donate to the ONLUS.

There’s no need to walk on the moon or jump from a skyscraper to build a team, sometimes the group can grow up thanks to this small and useful experiences.