work together for a better world.


The art of recycling.

By recycling, object can have a new life. This is an original, creative and engaging team building, the perfect way to improve communication between teams and single participants.

Participants are divided into teams Each team has a kit with rough materialsI and all the elements to create the objects.

With the help of our team, the participants will invent and realise new objects from the old ones.

The new, recycled objects can be part of a final exhibition or can be displayed in the office, at home, or everywhere else, with grate satisfaction of the team building participants.

Everything can be done: sculptures, objects made with packagings, paintings, furnitures and decors, jewels and everything your imagination can create.

The fil rouge for the creations can be decided together.


Art is communication! 




Ecology & Social.

How to help you to build a motivated and efficient group, avoiding a recreational activity end in itself?

You have the chance to live a typical day in a farm, to plant tress for a zero impact world, to build a small alternative energy structure. You can also create bikes and toys to donate to the ONLUS.

There’s no need to walk on the moon or jump from a skyscraper to build a team, sometimes the group can grow up thanks to this small and useful experiences.