In this team building the participants are reporters for some of the most influential newspapers. Each “editorial staff” has the goal to create a scoop. The activity can be personalised and it can be based on some latest news or on historical facts, for example discover an undisclosed secret of Leonardo, Michelangelo or Bernini

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The Game Master catches everyone’s attention and involves the participants in the investigative report. He shows some documents and pictures and asks everyone to wear the journalist badge with the name of the newspaper they work for. There is not a lot of time to finish the work and they have only 2 hours to give everything to the editorial staff… it’s time to act!

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Each team has a mini iPad with maps, clues, tests to solve, interviews to do, and the journalists go around the city looking for evidences.

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Which editorial staff will write the best scoop?


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13 February 2018