Special force.

The adrenaline, the senses that try to perceive everything, the presentiment of being on the shooting line, the ouphoria when you condurre a goal. Everything completely avoiding violence, being moved only from a pure, honest, combative, sportsmanship. 

Remove violence and cruelty from war and you’ll have the Soft Air game. In this game honesty is the most important and relevant thing: if you feel that you have been pinched, you rise up your arm and declare your defeat. This time someone has been better than you, but the “battle” still didn’t end!



Where. All the activities are played Soft Air allowed areas, with woods and clearings.

Activities. The group is split into teams, that will rotate in four different activities.

  • Cartography
  • Weapons and aim
  • Leadership & Team
  • Strategy & Movement
  • Mini competition, full flag, release the  hostage, defense the tower.