Sunny Gourmet, THE cooking team building.

Sunny Gourmet is a new and original Team Building designed to strengthen team spirit, imagination and creativity in a very special competition.

Teams have to create real Italian gourmet dishes, while experimenting cohesion, communication skills, collaboration, cooperation and leadership. Participants are divided into small groups. Each group has to prepare a special dish that will be part of the lunch menu or final dinner.

The chefs explain the ingredients to each team. The team is well aware of the work that needs to be done. A simple and immediate goal: to create an exquisite meal that will be enjoyed by the entire group, is a perfect opportunity to share the skills of each element of the team.


Once the teams have cooked, it’s time to taste! The lunch is complemented by special additions prepared by professional chefs. Inventiveness, craftsmanship, imagination combined with a touch of elegance, make the buffet a real work of art even for the most demanding palates!

Great enthusiasm, great motivation and satisfaction: beyond the team building!



: painting, music, cooking… Specific debriefing to learn how to bring all the discoveries to the workplace.