tesoro-monaco-iconaThe Monk’s treasure. A journey through the Middle Ages looking for five incredibly beautiful gems, that set together, will reveal the secret of light. Decipher the cryptic indications of the monk and find the hidden golden coins. But look behind you: someone will try to steal the coins.

You need to quickly reach the headquarter, protecting yourself from the trolls using the items collected while playing (a sword, a horse). You can also buy the items you need from another team , but you will need to be a good negotiator. You can, look for the super treasure: collect the four magical golden coins, you will need them to enter the monk’s cave and seize the gems, but the challenge won’t be easy!

Il-Tesoro-del-MonacoProblem solving, time management e negotiation are only some of the ingredients in this magical team building that will make your team grow and get stronger.