Impro Show


Communication, creativity, a sense of humor are the only skills required to go on stage and challenge competitors, with only the weapons of fun and irony.

A theatrical challenge with precise ingredients: spectacularity, a sparkling frame, and maximum interaction between the actors and the public. Each time 2 teams of improvisers try to win the highest score and therefore the victory, improvising on themes, theatrical genres and "games" suggested by the public. A  judge will add limitations and / or difficulties.

The scenography is essential: on the stage there are some cubes that the actors can use to create objects, environments and scenic elements. In the show there are also two other characters: a presenter who supports the rhythm of the show and a musician who accompanies the scenes improvising together with the actors. The length of each improvisation can be determined by the judge before the start or during the improvisation itself.

At the end of each improvisation the audience will assign points to each team, with special cards. No team will be able to sing victory until the last improvisation because the referee will be able to impose penalties of 1 or 2 points for incorrect race conduct and if the penalty is personal.

An original interactive performance, a very fun experience, a team building based exclusively on the ability to improvise on comic themes and situations proposed directly by the participants and the public.