Live Pixel Painting

Pixel painting is a painting style that recreates the grainy graphic aspect of the 8 and 16 bit pixels, an icon of the 80s.

Live Pixel Painting is an art performance in which the artist paints a large canvas live during a special event. Guests see how a painting comes to life during an evening, a dinner, a meeting. At the end of the performance, the canvas is divided into unique pieces signed and framed by the artist who announces that everyone will receive an original pixel. At the end of the event, each guest receives a single painting which is also a part of the whole.



A way to communicate, to build the group, or just for fun!

After the event, a photograph of the whole painting is posted on an internet or intranet web page. Visitors can click on any single pixel. A new window opens, showing an enlargement of the corresponding part of the painting and the name of the owner.