Ciak, action!

…an amazing event, where teamwork becomes a dynamic game, supported by the experience of a real cinema-set, among cameras and make-up experts. Professional film-directors create with you a real short movie.

Every participant has a well-defined part, as in a cinematographic cast, where actors, scenario designers, film-director, costume designers are the cast and the crew of the set. Professional staff takes care of the technical realization. The scenery is inspired by the convention content: the concept itself becomes the film script.

After a brain storming, It is time to put into actions what the minds have created:  Creating costumes, choosing the environment, make up, using all the tools, provided and not provided, in order to make the best advertising. And… it’s time to shoot!


At the end of the event the projection and the Oscar night!

Ciack, Action! Your team building in the cinemas!


Expressive Team Building

What does it mean "take a challenge"? How to break free from our confort zone and play a leading role in our life and at work? How to find his own "leadership"? Tis is how the actor trains himself: build his own potentiality, work on thelistening, on the awareness of the self, the others and the environment. Did you ever act on a stage? It's a strong experience, intense that can't be compared to a simple public speaking . On stage improvisation, the "street improvisation" or the flashmob? More involving than a problem solving or lateral thinking speech. An experience lived withthe will to know oneself and the others, gives something that you will bring in the office and wherever you are.