Dance, dance, dance.

To dance is the perfect way to enhance our expressivity, personality and our emotions.

Our body, through dance, tells what we are. A wise game in which man and woman are complement to each other and never antagonists, where the comparison becomes the real element of growth.


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The movements of the two body that answers to the changes of the music, it’s a perfect way to renew every time the attention to improvisation and to the psychophysical flexibility. For all these reasons Dance, dance, dance is an excellent way to improve our ability to listen, understand and react to the needs of the customers.


We can learn folk Italian dances as Pizzica and Taranta, Latin American dances as Tango, the Spanish Flamenco and a lot more.

Basic elements of Dance, dance, dance

  • comparison
  • equilibrium
  • exchange
  • common project 


We can always use these abilities in our everyday life and we can bring at work what we have learnt.


Expressive Team Building

What does it mean "take a challenge"? How to break free from our confort zone and play a leading role in our life and at work? How to find his own "leadership"? Tis is how the actor trains himself: build his own potentiality, work on thelistening, on the awareness of the self, the others and the environment. Did you ever act on a stage? It's a strong experience, intense that can't be compared to a simple public speaking . On stage improvisation, the "street improvisation" or the flashmob? More involving than a problem solving or lateral thinking speech. An experience lived withthe will to know oneself and the others, gives something that you will bring in the office and wherever you are.