AR Pirates


Participants in this team building are pirates belonging to different rival gangs. Their goal is to accumulate as many points as possible to get the treasure map and be the first to conquer it. The treasure can be attached to a customer's product.

The activity is divided into two parts:

  • In the first phase, each team is given an iPad. On the iPad a specially created app shows the map of the city with the geolocalized stages to be reached and the tests to be undertaken that can only be unlocked once the precise point indicated on the map is reached. Teams choose their route independently, the more places they visit, the more tests they face, the more points they earn. When time runs out, there is only one last stage left: the one where the treasure map is hidden.
  • In the second stage all participants reach the final stage. The game master gives the teams a paper map and a compass and begins orienteering in search of the treasure chest hidden in the sand.


The team that first finds the treasure chest hidden in the sand wins.