The Apprentice

A business game that offers a unique learning experience in a competitive environment. The Apprentice is the ideal event to improve communication by breaking down barriers, improving time management and inspiring creativity.



The Apprentice is divided into two phases: Activation and Execution.

ACTIVATION - A moment of fast ice breaking that excites the mind and body of participants.

EXECUTION - The real challenge begins: the participants, divided into teams, challenge each other in tests where the skills, the spirit of improvisation and a good amount of bravery will be the main protagonists. A final phase will reward the teams that achieve the most impressive results. Here are some examples of tests...

Examples of tests

Interviews: involve passers-by by interviewing them on the news of the day or on topics that are important to the company

Barter: convert a ball, a pen, a bottle into objects of greater value by learning how to negotiate

Getting in: attract the attention of passers-by while finding the right strategy to convince them to enter