Energy at Work

ENERGY AT WORK is a team building that gives participants the opportunity to experience and put into practice the concept of teamwork.


An experience that fosters the knowledge of others and stimulates creativity. Everyone can experience this awareness through a series of exercises connected to each other with the same goal and arranged in increasing difficulty. They are involved, inspired, challenged, and finally rewarded for the work they have done.

The purpose of ENERGY AT WORK is to work on the awareness of the process that generates and strengthens the relationship. To achieve this goal, a three-stage intervention was structured: opening experience, process analysis and synthesis experience.


Phase 1: GETTING INTO THE RHYTHM (opening experience)

Phase 2: ENTERING INTO A RELATIONSHIP (process analysis)

Phase 3: CREATING THE UNION (synthesis experience)

To create an effective relationship it is necessary to ALIGN

To be able to align, you must FINE-TUNE

To be able to fine-tune, you need to LISTEN



ENERGY AT WORK always draws its inspiration from the problems and criticalities that each group brings with them. A completely new job, an innovative approach by our staff of trainers and team builders who together constantly design different experiential "challenges", each time built on the needs of each team. Through the activities set up in this way, participants acquire the skills that enable them to identify problems and find ways to overcome daily obstacles, making everyone aware of the resources they can contribute to the workplace.


ENERGY AT WORK Indoor Activities

Speed date Meeting, Human Star, All aboard, Egg drop, Marshmallow Challenge, Hot stuff, Plane Crash.

ENERGY AT WORK Outdoor Activities

Mission Impossible, Dynamic Archery, Orienteering Challenge, Blindfolded Gymkhana, Laser Tag.