A series of fun tests of skill between corsairs and buccaneers, battles, duels, puzzles and pitfalls, which will result in the victory of the crew who best interpret the essence of the challenge. The beauty of adventure? It depends on you and how much you can get involved.


The participants, divided into several teams ("crews") will have to overcome every obstacle they face, with ingenuity, creativity and dexterity.
The games proposed are inspired by the sagas of pirates. The trainers wear the costumes of the most famous sea predators and lead the participants to a test run in which the best teams earn doubloons.
In the end, the richest crew wins and defies challenge after challenge, earning more doubloons than anyone else.
From building the perfect fort to challenging the musket (water, of course!) from the duel to the last paddle to the snorkeling challenge, ending with a real treasure hunt in search of the chest buried under the sand.


 Grab your hook and hat and join us!