Team Building: Creative

Give a child a shovel on the beach and he'll make a dream castle. Give an adult a shovel and he will probably keep it in the cellar.
Millions of ideas are locked up in the cellar, that's because we're afraid to take risks. Where is the danger in sharing ideas? Theft, betrayal, derision, doubt? Not to mention jealousy and ego. There is only one bad idea which is the one you will never share with others. Have you ever wondered if there are creative people in your team? And maybe they don't even know they're creative?

Are you interested in bringing out the inventiveness in your employees?

In teams, it's important to understand the different approaches people have to creativity. Pure creators, often with brilliant but unattainable ideas. Those who give their contribution in developing the ideas of others to meet the needs of the company and keep it competitive and a leading player in the market.   Those who think about how to put creative ideas into practice.

Our creative and sensory team building "discovers" the dormant creativity of your employees. How? Ice breaking with psychophysical activities that create a relaxed atmosphere and understanding.

Sensory paths to develop intuition and perception. Full immersion" team building in the most creative arts and fields: painting, music, cooking... Debriefing aimed at "bringing" the discoveries made back to the company.