Colour Creativity

This is without doubt the creative Team Building par excellence. The key word is collaboration and not competition.

The activity consists of painting a famous picture in line with the company's mission.


Each team works on a mosaic "tile", not knowing what the final result will be. At the end, the individual canvases are reassembled and presented in a spectacular way to form the great masterpiece in general amazement.


The teams are advertising agencies. They have little time to design an advertising campaign in which to express the company's values. After a quick brainstorming with the help of our facilitators, they transform the values of the company into a design. The time to apply the colours and the game is over: the billboards are ready to be presented to the other teams.


Imagine large white canvases; imagine colours, brushes, and a multitude of people dressed in white from head to toe. Divided into teams, participants must represent a concept chosen in advance by the company, each group in its own way. But the real training activity remains hidden until the halfway point: suddenly the groups discover that their canvases are part of a single great work. They will find ways to harmonize their work while maintaining the identity of the individual groups.