Lego Team Building


Lego team building is the ideal way to help individuals, teams and organizations get a clearer view on:

  • the current situation
  • aspirations
  • the way to get there
  • After a few specific warm-up exercises, Lego Team Building uses visual storytelling to achieve common goals for the group.


    Here are some examples of tests:

    • Future Success: Build the model of the future you want and combine it with the model of the others to show how to get support from the team.
    • Team member: create a template that shows who you are in the team, add pieces to represent what others think, create an addition to show what your potential is
    • Team Aspiration: build an individual model that shows what you want to be as a team in the future and then build a shared model. In the end, each team member explains a part of the model.