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Tinkering is an English term that literally means to tinker, to strive, to get busy. What we are talking about is a dynamic, concrete and stimulating activity.

Tinkering is a training course that teaches you to "think with your hands", to communicate, to work in a group using lateral thinking and recognizing the skills of everyone.


Some examples of the activities

The phone game: each team member is assigned a role between customer, seller, buyer and builder.

The customer is the only one who can see the finished project and must explain to the seller the parts he/she needs and how the final structure is made. The seller, after having found the pieces needed for the construction, illustrates the project to the buyer. The buyer, after having transported the parts to the manufacturer, explains how to assemble them.

The more effective the communication, the more identical the final structure will be to the initial one illustrated by the customer.

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