XXL Puppets


XXL puppets is a team building full of charm, which challenges participants to intelligently break down a project and reformulate it into small achievable steps.

The work is divided into three phases

  • Building: The teams, after having created a paper project, create their giant puppet by paying attention to style, creativity and functionality.
  • Animation: Each team member impersonates a " nerve centre " and controls a part of the puppet's body (a leg, an arm, a head, etc.). Coordination between team members is delicate and essential. Communication and leadership play a key role.
  • The Show: In the end all participants create a show in which giant puppets are the protagonists.

XXL puppets requires the involvement of all participants in the strategy and planning of the project, from the construction of the puppet to its manipulation. It requires strong teamwork and crystal clear communication to ensure that the puppet performs human actions.