A day as a volunteer

They're always next to us, we're always a day next to them.

In the world in which we live, human relationships are limited to simple superficial knowledge that does not engage, does not involve. A world in which relationships are only used to achieve results.


Civil protection volunteering today is the clearest proof of a social awareness that still exists and of a solidarity that goes beyond personal self-interest. But being a volunteer is not enough, you have to learn to work as a team, to solve emergencies quickly, to decide quickly in difficult times. In the emergencies in which they have found themselves operating, volunteering has proved to be capable of providing an organized service that guarantees capillarity, effectiveness and timeliness of intervention.

Sunny Way wants to make the participants of this team building experience a day as a volunteer. Everyone will be involved and will be the architects themselves in the organization of a civil protection team and in the practical exercises of first aid that will allow them to learn what to do in case of any emergencies.