Building a dream

In this new charity team building, the teams build and decorate furniture for children, to be donated to non-profit organizations that support and host underprivileged children.

How it works

The teams have some children's furniture to assemble and decorate with stickers and to colour with non-toxic paints made available to them. They also find, in their dedicated space, recycled and reused objects ready to be assembled to create new useful objects. In the final, the jury votes for the most functional, creative and sustainable environments.



  • analyze resources to make the most of them;
  • analyze the environmental and economic sustainability of projects;
  • use creativity to make the environment to be created unique;
  • to acquire a new awareness about the reuse of objects and for the exploitation of alternative energies.

But the most important goal is that the bedroom sets will be donated to one of the non-profit organizations with which we collaborate and will be used by children who haven't even dreamt of such rooms. Sometimes it takes very little...