Looking for a house


A simple idea for a great gift!

For years now, through social team building, our customers have been giving furniture, toys, bicycles, t-shirts and customized clothes to the children of our NGO partners. Now we also add a real cardboard city, a mini village of 100% recycled cardboard houses to assemble and decorate at will. A gift which is always very much appreciated by the non-profit organizations and by the children who renew their play area, recreating a village created especially for them. You can unleash all your imagination to make a truly unique, safe and ecological gift.




Fido and Felix are also looking for a home! An exceptional gift for the many stray dogs and cats who are guests of welfare facilities for abandoned animals. Beautiful cardboard kennels to give them a home until they are entrusted.




  • The work will be organized through the following key steps

    • The relational "heating" phase
    • The conception of design as the fruit of sharing and organizational capacity
    • The assembling of parts as a problem solving approach
    • The colour of the house, individual roles and responsibilities, interdependence, time management, flexibility
    • Exhibition to the public and the jury, which in the sense of team building plays the role of the customer, to highlight the result of the teams
    • Analysis of the experience and sharing of values