Building a better world together

The art of recycling. Artistic or creative recycling is not just an art of collection, but a real lifestyle that aims to reduce the environmental footprint of those who embrace it; a fun entertainment for children who on the one hand learn to acquire an ecological conscience and on the other train the brain while having fun.


Behind a plastic or glass bottle there is a fantasy world that we can' t even imagine. Have you ever sat in a cardboard chair? Have you ever used a tyre as a magazine rack? Have you ever made a musical instrument out of a fruit box? Creative recycling is not just a brilliant intuition for its own sake, but the consciousness that reducing waste also involves art.





Art becomes a powerful communication tool through which powerful messages can be sent, awareness spread, and education aimed at critical, conscious consumption and a robust ecological conscience.

Recycle wants to be an experience, an event, to be done together to create useful objects, works of art, musical instruments and artistic performances, but also a moment of awareness about the world yet to come. Stimulating example of social team building.