Team building on a farm: in contact with nature

The experience of being on a farm for a day: an immersion into the simple life in contact with nature, surrounded by fertile land waiting only to be sown, fruit to be picked, genuine smells and tastes of homemade food, sounds so different from those of the city. A different and true relationship with the animals that must be fed, cared for, nurtured.



On the farm it is possible to carry out different activities: milking of the cows, cleaning of the stables, possibility to feed the animals and the birds of the farm.

Depending on the period, the participants collect and prepare fruit and vegetables: from the harvest to the production of preserves; from grinding the wheat to the bread in the wood-burning oven; a group prepares and cooks the natural food from the farm: from the preparation of fresh cheese and ricotta, to the homemade pasta, to the preparation of cutting boards with cold cuts and cheeses.

Attention is always paid to the recovery of a scale that will be closer to nature, developing awareness of the products of daily use. Spending a day on the farm enables us to give the right value to products, times and processes of nature. It is a rediscovery that we can also use as a goal of the team, to return to strong values that are being lost.

It improves communication, develops leadership and empowerment, increases cooperation, builds relationships, improves performance, helps discover problem-solving skills and of course, allows you to spend a day in a unique setting.


The grape harvest

Don't miss this opportunity to spend some time with your colleagues choosing to harvest grapes in a beautiful vineyard. This activity helps you to understand the hard work required and the passion needed to produce great wine.

Thanks to teamwork you help a winery harvest the grapes to produce the new annual production of white and red wine. Spend your time with the owners of the estate, who explain the difference between young and old vineyards.

Your teamwork is rewarded with a special tasting of the many wines produced on the estate. In addition, each wine is paired with typical appetizers, with the aim of enriching your tasting experience.

Thanks to this activity, you will get to know your colleagues better and learn the secrets of the food to pair with wine and the art of wine itself.




But like a company, the farm requires organization, productivity, quality, coordination, collaboration and respect of the rules.

It is precisely this union of beauty and efficiency that makes the Farm a unique team building, not to be missed.