Brand TV

An original team building to work on your brand: the teams give life to the television channel BRAND TV, creating a real schedule of the programming of a day with content related to the company. Each team takes care of the creation and implementation of its own program: the theme of the day will focus on talk shows, television sketches, news, fiction. Once the guidelines and contents have been decided, the team members choose their role: producer, director, cameraman, actor, studio assistant, journalist, speaker.


The production is led by Elio Zoccarato, team builder, speaker and motivator in the events of major Italian companies and expert in television communication having held the role of director, actor and screenwriter for many years in the Theatre and Television. The teams are supported by a staff of technicians, cameramen and TV directors who, with their professionalism and supported by cutting-edge technology will instantly immerse the participants into the atmosphere of the television studio.


The screening of all programs during the dinner will be a further moment of involvement, emotion, fun and motivation. Each participant will bring with them the USB pen with all the programs, as a souvenir and as a further stimulus.

During the activity, the teams will work on these dynamics:

  • Developing key organizational messages
  • Understanding the importance of each role
  • Refining presentation and communication skills
  • Creating tips and strategies to bring back to the workplace

Concentration and focus on the objective, time and stress management: all programs will be recorded only once, simulating live television.