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  • Involve the team;
  • Underline the importance of the role of the individual in teamwork;
  • Satisfy participants with the realization of a finished product;
  • Highlighting the company's advantages.

With these intentions: Camera... Action!

Each participant has a defined role, as well as in a movie cast where actors, screenwriters, director, costume designers, etc etc etc together form the cast and crew of the set.


The technical part of the project is entrusted to professionals.

Cameramen, editors and technical directors are specialists in the field. The script is specifically designed. The company specifications become general guidelines on which the "scriptwriters" of the team building develop the script on. The costume designers take care of selecting the costumes and dressing the cast. Team working becomes a game. An exciting game where you move on the set, between cameras, makeup artists.


With Camera, Action! the personal skills that are essential to the team's work are at stake.

The importance of the role of the individual then, but where the strength of one is at the service of the group. The mission of Camera...Action! It is to make team building an unforgettable experience, in which important interpersonal relationships are created and where everyone feels like a protagonist.

A final event is planned with the projection of the clips to see the result of the work on the big screen... a satisfaction that no other team building gives you.

Camera, Action! Your team building on the big screen!!!!