Chorus © Team Building Virtually Feasible. Ask us how.  

You don't have to be able to sing to participate in All in Chorus!, you just need the desire to get involved and work as a team. It's the perfect team building for very large groups.

The team building is divided into two phases, that of rehearsals and that of the exhibition. The activity can take place in a single day or in several days. The group is divided into large teams by at least 40 people. Each team studies its own song and a common song for the final performance

First Phase: rehearsal

  • Introduction to the choral workshop
  • Warm-up, rhythmic and voice exercises
  • Technical aspects: posture, breathing, emission
  • Intonation of individual notes and a melodic sequence
  • Harmony
  • Division into sections: sopranos, contraltos, tenors and basses
  • Listening to the song
  • Tuning and reading exercises
  • Reading, learning and performing one or more of the cappella songs

Second Phase: the exhibition

When the groups are ready, the performance begins. The choirs perform the songs learned and the whole plenary is suddenly transformed into a concert hall.

Singing is beautiful, it's educational, it's fun. Singing alone is pleasant, singing in chorus changes your life. Those who sing in chorus learn music, harmony, sense of rhythm and even teamwork, the ability to work as a "team", respect and rigour.