Circus, are you ready to get on track?

The circus team building is a very effective formula to help people and groups to get to know each other deeply, to overcome their individual limits, their hidden fears.

In an environment of exceptional fun, participants can discover a number of advantages: new forms of learning, better communication skills, stronger mutual support and respect and trust for each other and improve self-esteem.

Working together, in an atmosphere of physical and emotional security, the teams learn to react to unforeseen circumstances and engage confidently in challenges. Anyone, regardless of their age or gender, can participate in our team building Circus. Available for 15 or more participants, it can last half a day or a full day. We have about ten locations already tested from the North to the South of Italy: Circus schools, gyms equipped with specific facilities and the legendary tents in Fellini's memory. If you want we can also enter inside your company.