Imprò, you learn by improvisation.

What is the Sunny Way theatrical improvisation team building? 

A very intense workshop, physical and full of ideas, where those who participate follow a path of genuine knowledge of their skills and expressive attitudes to better communicate, manage the physicality in a new and dynamic way, freeing themselves from body blocks often hidden or unknown.

Anyone can do it, but especially those who are passionate, amused and consistent in the sense of looking at their body with amazement, with the desire to make it a unique experience of its kind. Very useful tool to create and build strong moments of team performing.


At the end of the working day... "Improshow", a theatrical challenge with specific ingredients: spectacularity, a sparkling frame, and maximum interaction between the actors with the audience.

Each time the teams (companies) of improvisers try to win by scoring the highest points and then the victory, improvising on themes, theatrical genres and "games" suggested by the Game Master or by the audience.