On Air! 

To produce a radio show in a real radio station, is it possible?

You decide the content of the program: it could be a mini-drama, a series of comic sketches, something specific for your company or even a rock opera! You will have access to musical instruments or you can bring your own.

After a brief introduction, the team has a brainstorming session to decide what they want to do. Everyone finds their area of expertise: acting, script writing, direction/production, etc. An experienced scriptwriter, actor and radio producer are on hand to help. At the end of the day each participant takes the production USB as a souvenir.



Team building and radio?

The choice of radio as a tool for aggregation and work stems from the fact that this is a means through which participants will already be easily familiar with and is a tool of communication "hot", where everyone can be found and which everyone can have access to. Unlike other means of communication, such as cinema or television, the radio is much less artificial and recognizes spontaneity as a key element of its success and does not require superstructures. Dealing with topics of direct interest to the participants also increases their emotional involvement.

  • The aim is to improve by having fun in a number of training areas:

    • Interpersonal communication and public speaking;
    • The team working, specifically on the ability to compare and cooperate;
    • Leadership and the relationship with the hierarchy;
    • Decision making and problem solving.