Tango enhances expressiveness, personality and our emotions.

Our body, through dancing expresses who we are. A wise game in which a man and a woman complement each other and are never antagonistic, where confrontation becomes the real element of growth. Tango is an "embrace", where the Woman refines her sensitivity to listening and the consequent representation of what the partner invites her to perform.


The encounter of the two bodies, since they are "real", constantly renews the focus on improvisation and psychophysical flexibility. For all these reasons, the Argentine tango is an excellent tool to nurture our ability to listen and sensitivity to the needs of the customer and the flexibility of our responses in relation to the specific needs of what is required of us.

The basic elements of tango, such as:

  • comparison
  • equilibrium
  • interchange
  • joint project

are applicable in a spontaneous and authentic way in our daily lives and therefore can become an important reference in our business activities.