Escape Room


Exiting a room within a well-defined time, adrenaline, problem solving, spirit of observation are just some of the elements needed to pass the tests, but only by working together and demonstrating team spirit can you escape.

Sunny Way offers four kits and four different rooms. The kit can be adapted to hotel rooms, meeting rooms, offices and any other environment. The teams will compete to escape in turns from the Enigmatic, Templar, Prisoner, Mission Impossible rooms.



The riddler

A disturbing character challenges participants from the screen of an iPad


The Mystery of the Templars

Between Cryptex, parchments and strange wooden objects in search of the traces of the Holy Grail


The Prisoner

Impossible to leave if the prisoner is not free


Mission Impossible

How to overcome the intricate path?



It is possible to customize the rooms and design them specifically for the product, the spirit and the values of the company.

Will you be able to escape?