Reporter- urban outdoor


The participants to this team building are reporters from different magazines, hunting for exclusive news or reporters from their brand's magazine.

The activity is divided into two phases.

First phase, the report

The Game Master gives a kit to the teams, it contains the material needed to create the scoops, a journal with all the indication needed and an iPad, to take pictures and videos. Participants explore the city, looking for news, scenes to photograph, interviews to make and articles to write.

Second phase, the magazine

The teams collect all the material produced to create a magazine that can be a paper one or a television one.

  • Printed magazine: each team is provided with all the necessary materials to create a billboard representing the magazine's logo and a printer to print the photos taken during the morning's activity.
  • TV Magazine: In the TV version, teams choose photos and videos to be projected and decide which influence to give to the show. One or more presenters for each team take turns on stage to kick off the TV show by alternating news, talks, interviews and projections of the photos and videos.