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In the VR (Virtual Reality) Team Building there is no lack of entertainment and excitement; from group to personal experiences, challenges and unexpected events are faced. With more enthusiasm, more group dynamics and experiences that can bring out the maximum potential from your team.

Puzzle solving, creativity and high anxiety activities help guide the Team Building experience. Whether it's working with your team to overcome a fear or learning to manage group communication in new ways, every VR activity is designed to meet the needs of the company.

We have worked with one of the best companies specializing in virtual reality to find solutions that are consistent with every marketing and communication strategy, as well as entertainment, gamification and training, paying attention to the needs of each cultural and market context.


Sunnyway continuously proposes new formats based on the market needs and the specific needs of your customers to always meet the objectives of your team, including innovation and training.

What are the advantages?


Talent development: Our team building program focuses on using the interpersonal communication skills that take your team to the next level.

Relationship with employees: All VR team building experiences are incredibly fun and engaging; they will unite the entire team in an atmosphere designed to maximize the team relationship.

It promotes creativity: The virtual worlds provided by VR's team building will trigger creativity within the team. Each world offers a new lens to explore creativity from walking on the moon to escaping from a room.

Organizational development: Gathering company members to experiment with new worlds, forge new memories and congregate behind group collaboration is an excellent incentive to promote organizational development within the company.


Your helicopter launch, in virtual reality.


Adrenaline, realism, total immersion: Heli Jump enables you to experience the thrill of a real launch from a helicopter with a parachute, experiencing the entire phase of descent and landing in virtual reality, gliding safely in the chosen environment.

The player is harnessed to the ground with systems suitable for lifting and suspension in the air to provide the most immersive experience possible. The virtual reality and the helmet will make him/her enjoy the experience of launching at high altitude, equipped with a parachute, with a highly realistic 360° view.



Fasten your seatbelts: with Megasim, the driving simulation will never be the same again. Different models, customizable setting, and all the thrill of racing on the track. Megasim is a simulator that combines the realism of driving with the immersive power of virtual reality.

Thanks to a system adjusted to the smallest detail, you can continue training at any time, testing and improving your driving skills, experiencing the maximum realism of the thrill of the track and the physical effort of the professional guide.



Become an ace and cross photo-realistic skies with absolute freedom of movement. Shoot down enemy vehicles and experience the thrill of aerial combat while performing accurately represented actions! Fighting in the skies has never been so beautiful and fun.

The game combines cutting-edge graphics engine technology with the power of the latest generation of game consoles to create immersive aerial battlefields. Perfectly rendered clouds cover the skies while highly detailed urban landscapes enhance the sense of supersonic speed, helping to create very exciting aerial battles.


Adrenaline, realistic setting and perfect computer graphics settings - that's what the fully immersive virtual gaming experience of Adventure Trip enables the player to experience.


Adrenaline, realistic setting and perfect computer graphics settings - that's what the fully immersive virtual gaming experience of Adventure Trip enables the player to experience.


Tour develops in a real square environment, where the player has the opportunity to move, interacting with objects to avoid, climb over or on which to position themselves.

So the objects placed along the way become in virtual reality wooden planks suspended on the incandescent lava, rocks and trunks to avoid or on which to remain firmly anchored to reach, challenge after challenge, a fearsome dragon and complete the path between the rocky gorges of a snowy promontory.

Created with the intention of immersing the player in the fantasy jungle of Pandora, taken from the movie Avatar, the setting of Adventure Trip can be customized according to your preferences and needs, always obtaining an absolutely realistic and immersed effect.


Many dream of being able to go into space and relive the feeling of the first man on the Moon. With Moonwalk, thanks to the power of virtual reality, you can experience the thrill of a lunar walk, with a highly immersive experience.


Moonwalk is the virtual reality simulator that allows you to experience a moon landing in your own skin, walking through the tracks of the 1969 Apollo 11 mission.

The player is harnessed to reduce his weight at , simulating lunar gravity. The player then jumps on the real surface, thanks to the suspension system, and equipped with a helmet viewer for virtual reality, looks around the lunar landscape with all the objects and signs visible from the passage of the first men on the Moon.



Gaming has a new dimension of fun, thanks to the virtual reality that allows you to enjoy completely immersive gaming experiences, as in the case of the VR Black Box shooter.

The VR Black Box installation consists of a square structure that can accommodate up to two players at a time. Inside the room, players are equipped with fake rifles to be used as a joypad during the simulation of virtual reality shooter. Equipping yourself with the most realistic equipment available is the key to achieving a fully immersive and engaging gaming experience for the players.

The public can spy into the room by means of specific slots on the wall of the VR Black Box behind the two players.


Mobile escape room in virtual reality.


The gate that allowed the first alien invasion is still open. A new threat is imminent, but a crew of perfectly trained saboteurs will be teleported inside the enemy ship to save our planet. Will they be able to complete the mission in the 15 minutes available?

Stargate is the first mobile escape room that combines puzzles, interactive video languages and virtual reality, allowing you to enjoy a unique science fiction experience. The game environment consists of a room where the first half of the game takes place. It is only after solving the puzzles that you can continue.



All the virtual reality available in an app.

Any solution in virtual reality can be enjoyed directly by multiple subjects simultaneously, with different levels of interaction with the virtual environment. It is therefore important to also allow a certain control of the reproduction of the VR, to offer the public a truly synchronized and impeccable experience.

The VR 360 app is the best solution for remotely controlling the playback of the same virtual reality experience on multiple viewer helmets at the same time.

With your mobile devices, you can launch, stop and resume the VR playback projected in the viewer helmets worn by the public, allowing everyone to see the same virtual environment at the same time.


These are stations where you play in an area of about 3×3 metres (even 4×4) without special structures and usually standing.

These stations can use games of various kinds (and not just mere games, even educational applications, training of various kinds, etc. ..) depending on the needs



Have fun and be entertained by the exclusive electronic disco music for the game, which is set in a futuristic world. Branding your swords and matching colour and direction to destroy the timed cubes with the adrenaline-pumping beats of the music... This game will make you dance!




You're walking on an axis, on the 80th floor. Your knees are shaking and your hands are sweating. Do you have the courage to walk to the end of the axis? Richie's Plank allows you to experience the emotion of doing the impossible. An experience created for those who have never tried the VR.




Would you like to slice hundreds of juicy fruits and leave everything on the floor without having to clean? Now you can, because VR Fruit Ninja has arrived! By holding not one but two swords you can also bounce, stab and hit the fruit, and even deflect the bombs!




Two immersive experiences that allow you to visit the majesty of the oceans, in different situations and with different species of marine animals.

You'll see a life-sized whale, huge shoals of jellyfish, sea turtles and much more ( including being among) sharks in a protective cage!

Of course, you'll also challenge your fear of being underwater, but without danger!




Face hordes of enemies at a crazy speed with weapons of all kinds! It will allow you to identify yourself as the only one who can save planet earth when fully armed!



Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? If you're not, prepare yourself for Zombie Training! Defend yourself with bullets against a zombie invasion!


All the activities are designed to be incredibly fun but effective tools for teams who want to connect on a deeper and more lasting level. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll take you to another world.