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Emotions lead to purchase. Even in the era of Web 2.0, where social and amicable relationships are increasingly shared at a distance, there is a need to return to feeling strong emotions linked, not only to the physicality of something or someone, but also to the experience of sharing ideas, emotions, moments that involve all our sensory activities.

The advertiser does not sell the product just because it is beautiful or branded, but because they can hit the mark on the product or service to be sold, they must know how to "penetrate" the emotional and creative sphere of the customer. By combining all this with technology, television communication, promotion through wide descriptive spaces of the different characteristics of the product, experiential marketing also becomes spectacularization, entertainment and promotion of the corporate image.

These are the theoretical bases of our brand new team building: Advertising.



For one day you will be part of an advertising agency to create an advertising campaign for a special brand: yours!

A coordinated campaign certainly achieves better results than individual messages that are not coordinated with each other, because it creates a common thread in all the media used following a common goal.

The teams asked to create the campaign work individually choosing the media to be used to convey their product, but within a campaign coordinated with the other teams.

The teams create an advertising campaign on different levels:

    • auditory (radio, but also TV and web)
    • unconventional (guerrilla marketing, flashmob, ambient and street marketing)
    • visual (TV, press, posters, web)


Advertising Gala 


And during the Gala Dinner, the presentations of the teamwork and the award ceremony for the best "creatives". Tis is for sure the best way to gratify the work of the teams and to leave their mark on the event.

Advertising is the right team building to allow participants to focus on the strengths of their products and services, thus motivating a greater sense of belonging to the brand.