Guerrilla Marketing, get unconventional!


Enchantment, intriguing and engaging are the effects that the guerrilla produces on its "victims".

The guerrilla does not affect the mass but the individual, reversing the mechanism of generation of notoriety. In fact, the guerrilla attacks generate displacement, displacement produces word-of-mouth, word-of-mouth spreads in a "viral" way amongst people. And the viral diffusion guarantees notoriety of the product.

Guerrilla Marketing is the team building in which you have to be creative and unconventional. To promote their successful series "True Blood", HBO tinted the fountains of the most prominent American cities red, the Ambient Marketing operation of the artist "futurist who painted the Trevi Fountain red?) Famous musicians and their record labels, often use Flashmob, dances coordinated in public places with their music piece, to promote their latest releases.



Employee benefits


Your employees are your asset: in this teamwork, use their creativity to develop ideas. Participants will certainly appreciate the opportunity to do something new and contribute creatively to the design and implementation of Guerrilla Marketing actions. There is no doubt that a Street Team event is work, but it is definitely very different from the usual routine. Made in a less formal environment, the team effort creates a very strong bond for employees in a more relaxed environment.

Your idea needs to challenge normality without appearing too bizarre or threatening. Unleash your lateral thinking for an original and successful Guerrilla Marketing action!