Street Marketing


This activity has an innovative charge and the ability to surprise the consumer in places and times when they are not expecting it, grabbing their attention and stimulating their memory.


Your product / BRAND

The key to success is not only the sale, but also the people who are closing that sale. We are sure that you prefer to hire employees who are enthusiastic about your brand. These people will become your offline marketing tools to the outside public. Your brand ambassadors need to reflect your company's culture.



Educate your brand ambassadors

Where is the good in marketing if you don't know what you are trying to sell? There is no way to physically keep track of every word your salespeople have to tell to your customers, but what you can do is keep them continuously informed about your product. You have to make sure everyone says similar things about your product to stay consistent with online marketing.


Make your presence engaging


The purpose of Team Building Street Marketing is not to distribute flyers or products, but to create engaging events for the public, the campaign to be created must be creative and impactful. Offering call-to-action elements to give teams the opportunity to talk to consumers about the product.

It is important to understand that in this innovative team building format, you can turn your street team into a deadly marketing machine. The result is a team that is loyal to your brand, informed with the latest news about your company, ready to engage customers.