Create your own wine

If you are organizing a dinner, a lunch or a cocktail party, you can choose to improve the experience by organizing a team building where the teams create their own wine.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Capacity: 15 - 100 people

This is a fun event and an effective team building. Let's start with a wine tasting led by expert sommeliers who explain the art of blending wines. We divide the participants into groups of 6- 8 people. The teams compete with each other on the creation of the blend, on the name of the group and on the name of the new wine.

After having chosen a group leader, each team creates the blend of wines, chooses bottle and cork, labels the wine and creates a commercial to promote it.

We provide wines, equipment and bottles for the event, along with prizes for the best presentation and blend of wines.


1. We divide the group into teams. Each team has its own winery with different wines, a mixing kit, cards with descriptions of the different wines, a video tutorial and one iPad that will be used as a camera to shoot the commercial.

2. Our winemaker guides participants through the process of using mixing tools by explaining how wine producers mix wines.

3. Let's get right into action! Each group creates its own unique wine blend by mixing and matching the wines.

4. A total and very fun teamwork session in three separate steps: bottles, corks, personalized labels (company logo can be included).

5. Competition. Once blended, each team presents its own wine and its brand.

Each group is then evaluated on the following criteria:

The best group name
The best name chosen for the wine
The best blend
The most creative presentation of the group

6. Award ceremony and greetings. Each participant receives a bottle of the wine created with his team, to take home.

The activity gives the opportunity to learn the most important stages for effective winemaking and to taste the wines. All phases can be accompanied by a tasting of food and wine, snacks and fingerfood in order to make the event extremely pleasant.




Management of customer relations
Time management
Strategic communication
Inter-functional cooperation
Risk management
Negotiation skills
Fun and motivation
Better communication and cohesion
Marketing and sales strategies
Product creation and development
Financial analysis
Public speaking
Fun approach - Entertainment