Perfume, Create your own fragrance 


Perfume is a unique and creative team building, which allows you to create the fragrance that best suits your personality and that of your team, exploring fragrances and essential oils.

The activity is divided into two phases:

    1. You know the different fragrances and you create your own perfume
    2. Creation of an advertising spot 

Getting to know and creating

Participants are introduced briefly to the history of the use of perfumes and essential oils, and the effects that each fragrance has on your mood. Then the creative workshop begins, in which each team is asked to create its own perfume.

  • On the basis of what was discovered during the first phase of the activity
  • In line with the personality of the team and with what you want to express.

At the end of the event, everyone can take their own creation with him.


The spot


Each team creates their own fragrance spot; costumes, make-up, accessories and an iPad, which will act as a camera, will also be available.

The participants are transformed into a film crew with screenwriters, actors and cameramen.


Their objective is to create the perfect advertising spot for the fragrance they have created, taking into account all the scents it contains and trying to recreate the feeling and sensations that that perfume brings to mind.

At the end of the event all the commercials will be projected and a jury will decide which team has been able to recreate the atmosphere of the fragrance with the images.

"The fragrances can be more than a pleasant accessory. A great perfume is a work of art. It is silent poetry, invisible body language. It can lift our days, enrich our nights and create milestones in our memories. A fragrance is a liquid emotion."

Michael Edwards