The Blind SunnyWay Experience- Blind Dinner

Blind dinner

The Blind SunnyWay Experience is not just a blind dinner, but our visually impaired team members will facilitate the creation of unforgettable bonds and magical experiences which participants will talk about for years and years. This dinner allows you and your team to build an unprecedented team spirit.

This experience offers a unique consciousness and the opportunity to get a glimpse at what visually impaired people feel every day.

After deciding the name for the team, participants will enter the darkness to start the culinary challenges. Blinded and looking for food, your team will live an epic experience working together to successfully complete their tasks at the dinner table, which involve communication, overcoming failures and tons of laughter while you enjoy your delicious meal.

You will realise that your other sense will be enhanced, your taste recognition and memory are thrown in a tornado of confusion that will let your mind run free, searching for answers to the powerful experience you are living. It is without a doubt a wild and incredibly fun feeling.

Blind Dinner offers many advantages for your team: it opens new learning and communication channels; it can help you overcome disorientation feelings; it sets you free from preconceived notions. Moreover, the darkness that you will face during the Blind Dinner allows you to improve the interpersonal relationships that you can now build without the typical influences that are linked to the images we perceive.

After this experience, many people improved their creativity, confidence and communication skills, and the real values of communication and dialogue emerged very easily.

The Blind Dinner offers companies the opportunity to customise their evening with ad-hoc and tailored solutions depending on the needs, goals and skills that you mostly want to develop and enhance during the experience.