Wine Team Building: recognize the wine

Wine team building is a challenge based on team wine tasting.

Our sommeliers introduce various wines linked to the territory where the activity takes place, explain the tasting methods and introduce the participants to the traditional local wines. The wine tasting is accompanied by exquisite finger foods.
In a second moment the same wines are served using bottles with the label hidden. Only who has the best nose and palate will be able to guess what he is tasting at that moment.

There are many challenges during this activity, here are some:
-Taste and recognize the wine region
-Recognize mixing styles and grape varieties
-Recognize young and aged wines
-We add a cheap regional table wine among the high quality wines and the teams will determine which of the wines is from the local supermarket!


In this first part we also give useful information:

How to taste wine correctly - what to look for (if it is corked)
Main structure of wines - how acidity and tannins affect food
Red or white? - What wine goes well with a particular dish
Progressive Wine vs Singular Wine - A different wine for each phase of the meal or a wine for all courses?
The price - What determines it? Mark up
Age of Wine - Pros and Cons: What to keep in mind when ordering an older bottle
Bet on the safe side - What wines are safe for any occasion.

This team building is based on collaboration, decision making and cooperation. It is a fun and competitive activity that introduces the best Italian wines in an interesting, inclusive and engaging way. An experience that creates bonds and memories for your team. The atmosphere during the wine challenge is informal and collaborative!

Participants who do not drink wine have to recognize cheeses, salami, local specialties based on the information provided.


Chocolate, wine and personality

This particular challenge adds even more fun to the sensory experience of this format because it is also a personality matter! People are much more complex in terms of expectations, compatibility and leadership.

A fascinating experiment where flavors, textures and smells are perceived during this tasting. What can a person say when discussing the nuances of food and drink? What do wine and chocolate reveal about character and personality? What thoughts and conclusions will be shared and revealed?

Sharing chocolate and wine may not give scientifically accurate results, but it is a lot of fun and the process can reveal hidden aspects of people's personalities.