Archery is considered an excellent sport for everybody, especially for those who hardly curb their emotions and anxiety, since it helps to focus and to wait patiently for the right moment.

In this sport, achieving consciousness of your abilities is crucial, along with achieving the perfect balance between mind and body and the flexibility of adapting to different environmental and shooting conditions. This sport perfectly combines all the key aspects that every company wants to achieve to be successful.

Archery is the most effective outdoor training for working teams that want to develop the right approach towards corporate strategies.

Participants will engage in situations and environments that are different from the ones they are familiar with, and these activities will push them out of their comfort zones and their usual mindsets and patterns of behaviour. After presenting the challenges, we will analyse the approach used by teams to overcome them.

The main goal is to bring out strengths and weaknesses of the team and individuals in a framework with no pressure or external influence.

This is an exciting experience, filled with positive tension for those who are involved in this individual and collective effort to hit the target.


The experience is approximately two/three hours long, and participants will have the chance to explore and learn:

  • Theory and classification of archery, materials, construction of the Barebow traditional archery, dominant eye;
  • Warming up, breath control, shooting techniques;
  • Instinctive shooting, basic techniques of instinctive shooting;
  • Targeted shooting, with a viewfinder, basic techniques of targeted shooting;
  • Introduction to the Hunter and Field discipline, rules, matches, paths;
  • Integration of mind, body, soul and emotions;
  • Focus and attention;
  • Stress management, anxiety and motivation;
  • Self-esteem and rediscovery of your talent;
  • Creativity, optimism, self-efficacy.